Monday, November 5, 2012

Fun with chalk pastels!

Friday I introduced the boys to working with chalk pastels. Actually I introduced myself to them as well! We have never used chalk pastels before and boy did we have fun!

We followed these wonderful tutorials over at the Hodge Podge blog. You can find the chalk pastel tutorials under the art tab at the top of the page.

We decided to try our hands at apples and pumpkins.

Here are the boy’s apples. Justin’s is the one on top and Kaden’s is the one on the bottom! They both did a fantastic job!


We used a simple inexpensive chalk pastel set from Walmart. I wanted to see how they liked using the chalks before I purchased a bigger set.

Both boys enjoyed working with them, but Kaden especially loved using them! I think we will be getting a bigger set with more colors.

And just in case you are wondering as the tutorial states chalks are messy but they are so much fun! We plan on using them again very soon. In fact Justin as already asked to create more drawings!



Here are my creations. An apple and a pumpkin. My pumpkin has a little too much of a heart shape in my opinion, but it is an original!