Monday, December 3, 2012

A Christmas Visit to the Aquarium~Part 1


Last Friday we surprised the boys with a trip to the aquarium! We purchased a family pass last year and it has been well worth it! (we got a $99 family pass last Dec!). I received an invitation from the aquarium last week inviting us to come and watch Santa officially arrive at the aquarium for the Christmas season!

We had such a fun day! When we arrived we were escorted into the ballroom and given cookies and hot chocolate while we waited for Santa. And when they say hot chocolate they were not kidding! It was too hot to drink for quite sometime!

While we waited we were entertained by some elves, the  Abominable snowman and Gil the shark!

Then we headed outside to the waterfront to watch Santa cross the Delaware river by fireboat!  


A blurry picture of the boys in front of the Christmas tree at the aquarium.


The city of Philadelphia from the waterfront. If you know my Justin you know that this is one of his beloved cities. he must has asked me 20 times if we could go into the city. He is this way anytime we are close to the city! He has such a love for buildings.


Watching the sharks while we sat in the ballroom enjoying our hot chocolate and cookies.




Waiting for Santa’s arrival!


Santa crossing the Delaware.


The Abominable Snowman and Gil the Shark!


News media photographing the crowd and Santa.


Water cannons from the Fire boat! This very cool!  That picture above of the news media? Well lets just say the fire boat operator had a very fun time drenching them with the deluge gun!  There was an ABC news photographer standing next to us filming and he said to his assistant: Now you know why we were not on that boat!


Santa arriving by fire truck courtesy of the Camden Fire Department!



Here comes Santa Clause!


The kids each received a jingle bell necklace, a candy cane and a little package of chocolates. they were so cute and were shaped like fish!


Now lest you think that this Santa was just a typical Santa let me tell you that this is Scuba Santa!




There was even a little snow falling inside of the aquarium!


watching the fish swimming while we were waiting for Santa.



I love the graceful stingrays!



A very happy and energetic elf!


A hammerhead shark! So awesome!


A sea turtle and more sharks!



And finally! Scuba Santa swimming with the sharks! 


and of course one of those trusty elves! Because everyone knows you never dive alone in a shark tank…..




and those elves come in very handy when your Santa hat falls off!


Stop by tomorrow for part two of our Christmas visit to the aquarium!

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