Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2012 Homemade Gifts Series

For Christmas 2012 I decided to make as many of our gifts as possible. I made several items and grouped them together in a fun gift basket. I thought I would share what I made in hopes of helping someone else out there who is looking for an idea (or three) for making gifts for others.

Keep in mind that although I made these for Christmas, you can make them any time for any occasion!

One key for me in making these gifts were to use what I had on hand or to purchase the items I needed very frugally. One of my goals for 2013 is to use up items I already own BEFORE I go and buy new items! (it is a bad habit I have…can anyone else relate to this?)  I decided to start with this goal at the end or at least the last month of December of 2012.

I’ll be sharing some of my goals for 2013 in an upcoming post-yeah I know we are already into the third week of January….sigh….

So my first place to shop was here at home. The other places, I shopped where Dollar Tree, the thrift store, the craft stores (with a coupon) and Amazon.

I find many of my ideas on Pinterest and there are several variations of the following recipe to be found there. If you are interested you can follow me here.

So lets get started!

Sugared Hand Scrub


What you’ll need:

  • Sugar
  • Dish soap
  • jars with lids new or recycled (preferably wide mouth)
  • raffia for decorating (optional)
  • labels (optional)

I got all of my supplies very frugally. The canning jars I used are the Ball Elite 8oz. jar. You do not need to use a canning jar. (I purchased these with a fantastic coupon from Walmart back in the summer)

You can use any jar with a lid. I have a jar of sugar scrub on my counter in a recycled jar. You do want a jar with a wide-mouth since you or your recipient will be putting their fingers into the jar to get to the sugar scrub.

You can also use any type of liquid dish soap. I got my dish soap free using the CVS extra care bucks program. I love the Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap but you could use any soap you prefer.

Likewise with the sugar, I don’t usually purchase Domino sugar or any name brand for that matter, but I had a coupon and hit a really great sale. I would look for the cheapest sugar available. (can you see I am all for making a frugal gift!)


fill your jars three quarters full with sugar. Then add your dish soap until it seeps down into the sugar.


I used a small spoon to stir it up making sure it was mixed thoroughly. Once you are done, wipe the rim of the jar making sure to get any drips off and put on the lid! That is it! You’re done!

If you want to decorate your jar you could add a pretty ribbon or a piece of raffia around the base of the lid. You can also add a label I just found some labels via the internet that I liked and put them on with some clear packing tape. If you want to go to the extra expense you could purchase sticker paper.


This sugar scrub works so well! It is great for using after you have been working in the garden. It removed acrylic paint very well after a paint project we were working on. It makes your hands feel very soft!

Wouldn’t this make a wonderful little gift for someone who loves gardening. You could add a few seed packets and maybe a little trowel in a cute flower pot with a pretty ribbon and your all set!

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