Monday, February 18, 2013

Cell Phones and Bibles


Our pastor shared this yesterday during the sermon. It is so true isn’t it? Hearing this gave me a lot of food for thought.

Sadly many of us do not even open our Bibles.  However we do always make sure we have our cell phones with us at all times. We cannot seem to do much without them these days. We need to text, call, check Facebook, Twitter and a myriad of other things on our phones and our tablets.  They seem to have become an extension of us. We seem lost without it.

I will be honest and tell you I am one of the few who do not have a smart phone. In fact my phone is probably 6 years old and it is a flip phone! Shocked aren’t you! I know! Me too! To top things off I rarely use my phone. I think I have used it once in the last month and that was yesterday after church.

Now I am not knocking anyone for having a cell phone, smart or otherwise. After all I do love my lap top and my Kindle Fire and I use them way more then I probably should. My Kindle goes with my just about everywhere. I have my music on it and lots and lots of books and favorite apps!  I love to check Facebook, Twitter and oh don’t get me started on my love affair with Pinterest.  It was love at first sight when we met! So I do get the idea of constantly using your cell phone.

And yes I also know that there are many Bible apps available which gives you the convenience  of having  your entire Bible with you, on your phone or tablet, where ever you go. I have a couple on my Kindle. And many argue that having it on your phone is the same thing.

For me it is not.

Up until about two years ago I would not have really cared whether or not you carried your Bible with you or left it home, or carried it all on your cell phone. I became a Christian many years ago, but I was a Christian who rarely to never read her Bible.

Yes really. How can I have a relationship with Jesus if I never bother to pick up my Bible and read?

Then I did start reading. I tried a couple of times to read my Bible in 90 days. It I was going to read the Bible I was going to read it all. And quickly.  I flopped. Twice.

That was about two years ago. Yes two! I am finally getting to the end of my Bible for the first time! EVER. I am amazed at the Bible stories I did not know! Some I have never heard before!

Can I say WOW. I have learned so much and have much more to learn. I am a growing Christian. I thought I could never understand the Bible, that it was not written for me personally. It was written for people much smarter then me who were educated to understand the Bible better then I ever could. I was so wrong.

So getting to the point of my story. Just think if we actually applied the above list to our lives each and every day? How much more would we grow in our faith and how much richer would our walk with the Lord be?

  • What if we did go back and get it if we forgot it at home?
  • What if we did read it to receive messages from the text. How changed would we be?
  • What if we did read it when we traveled or read it in an emergency.
  • Or read it just to hear the word of God speaking to us. Personally?  We would surely be changed.

For me there is nothing like holding an actual Bible in my hands.  Holding it, looking up different books of the Bible and scripture passages.  Becoming familiar with it. Something I just cannot do with my Kindle, no matter how hard I try or how great the app is.

My Bible is becoming my daily companion. A place I go to for comfort, for love, for peace, to be closer to Jesus and feel His presence, to hear His word. Hear Him speaking to me, Michele.

How amazing would it be if we used our Bibles the way we do our cell phones! It would be truly life changing.

So how about you, is your Bible a part of your daily walk with Jesus?

If you pick up your Bible and start reading. I promise your life will forever be changed!

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