Monday, March 18, 2013

Mouse in the house!

The other night Larry and I were sitting at the kitchen table when Luke, our cat came running down the hall into the kitchen.

Now this happens here all the time and is not at all unusual. However, Luke had found a toy! A real live young mouse! Oh my yes! Lukey was so excited to have his very own live toy to play with!


I on the other hand decided that two cats in the house were enough pets for the moment!

After some chasing we got said mouse away from the kitty!

Our resident pet lover, Kaden told us in no uncertain terms that we had to set the little mouse free!

So after much examining and watching this little guy my three men took him out to the field and set him free. 

After this I think we have decided that Kaden will not be getting a hamster anytime soon (he has been wanting one) because I just cannot be on constant hamster patrol with Luke around.

Larry was actually thrilled that Luke caught the mouse since he feels Luke is very a spoiled kitty! (he is, of course!) and excitedly said! He is a mouser! When he discovered Luke with the mouse!


Luke on the other hand is very sad that the mouse is no longer here for his enjoyment and has spent the week constantly checking under the hutch (the last place the mouse was free) and in the bathroom where he discovered the mouse!  He still has hope that his beloved toy will return!


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