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Discover Together Bible Study: Ephesians {Book Review}

About Ephesians: Women need Bible study to keep balanced, focused and Christ-centered in their busy worlds. However, many find it difficult to set aside the time and discipline needed for an in-depth study. The Discover Together studies offer tiered questions to allow readers to choose a depth of study that fits with their individual lifestyles or schedules, even if they vary by the week, month or season

This insightful Bible study uses the example of Paul's church in Ephesus to show readers how they can be victorious Christians, living in God's Word, and free from sin. Part of the discovery series, the Ephesians edition includes tips for either individual or group use, inspirational sidebars and short, 3-5 minute teaching videos. Scan the video QR code in the book with a smart phone or visit the series website to watch Sue provide historical and cultural background, teach important truths found in each week's lesson, or ask thoughtful questions to encourage deeper discussion.

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Join the online Bible study here.

Just LIKE the page and then follow along. There will be a launch party for Ephesians on April 11th and the online Bible study will begin the following week on April 15th.

Women crave Bible studies that challenge them to grow in their faith. But after balancing carpools, sports schedules, or work deadlines, you may not be able to commit to another evening out of the house. Now you don't have to.

Whether studying with a small group or by yourself, you know can join popular Bible teacher Sue Edwards on the Year of Discovery. Sue will be leading women through her studies with online chats and discussions on her Facebook page. All year long. Every week. Any time of day. From the comfort of home. Make-up and hair-do optional. Come as you are!

Each week you will find quotes, links to articles and other resources, and videos to help you as you study. Complete the lessons at your convenience. Then visit any time of day to comment or ask questions. Sue will be there frequently to respond, encourage, and equip!


My Thoughts

Have you ever done a study on Ephesians? The Apostle Paul wrote Ephesians and while it is one of the smaller books of the Bible, it is a very important book to read. In it you will find instructions for Christian living and Christian households and The Armor of God. Some very important topics are in this small book.

Sue Edwards Bible study of Ephesians delves deeply into this book. The study features nine lessons:

  1. Learn to Sit
  2. Sit and Pray
  3. Sit Down to Work
  4. Sit Down Together
  5. Sit Down to Walk
  6. Tripping Over Your Tongue? Talk Your Walk?
  7. Walking “Under the Influence”
  8. Walk Worthy in Relationships
  9. Sit Down to Stand

In addition to these lessons, there is the question? Why Study Ephesians?

Each lesson has a short commentary at the beginning as the selected scripture reading for the lesson followed by a list of questions. This study like the Revelation Study can be done individually at your own pace or with a group, Sunday school class or Bible study. I prefer to read the scripture passages for each lesson and work through the questions a little at a time.

What I really like about Sue’s Bible studies is that they allow you to really dig deep and ponder the scripture and work through the questions.

You will also find a prayer log to record your prayers as you work through the study.

In addition there are 3-5 minute videos that are available to watch for each lesson. If you own a smart phone you can scan the QR video codes found at the beginning of each lesson. If you are like me and don’t own a smart phone found here.

I really like these Bible Studies and I think if you are looking for a great study on Ephesians you will benefit from this study!

Be sure to stop by the Litfuse website for more information about Ephesians!

Meet Sue:
Sue Edwards (MA, Dallas Theological Seminary; D.Min., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) teaches full-time in the Christian Education Department at Dallas Theological Seminary. She has more than twenty-five years of experience teaching, pastoring, and directing women's ministries. In addition, Sue speaks at retreats, conferences, and seminars across the country. She is the coauthor of Women's Retreats and New Doors in Ministry to Women, and the author of the new Sue Edwards Inductive Bible Study series.

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Ephesians: Discovering Your Identity and Purpose for Christ. Join the online Bible study (4/15 -5/7) with Sue Edwards! And invite your friends to join you.

Between April 15 and June 17 Sue will be posting weekly on the Year of Discovery Facebook Page and interacting with groups and individuals around the country going through the study at the same time. Women will be able to discuss the study with each other and ask questions via Facebook.

Completing each lesson requires about one-and-a-half hours. Readers still receive in-depth Bible study but with a minimum time commitment. For those who desire a more thorough study, including an opportunity to learn more about the history, culture and geography related to the Bible, Edwards has provided “Digging Deeper” questions. Answering these questions may require outside resources such as an atlas, Bible dictionary or concordance and challenge readers to examine complex theological issues and differing views more closely.

More about the Ephesians study: This insightful Bible study uses the example of Paul’s church in Ephesus to show readers how they can be victorious Christians, living in God’s Word, and free from sin. Part of the discovery series, the Ephesians edition includes tips for either individual or group use, inspirational sidebars and short, 3-5 minute teaching videos.

Purchase a copy of Ephesians and join the on-line Bible study today.

“Ephesians” Online Bible Study – JOIN ME!

disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Litfuse in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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