Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spanish for You! {Review}



Recently I had the opportunity to review a new Spanish curriculum titled Spanish for You! I have wanted to teach my boys a foreign language and I was excited about this opportunity!

Spanish for you! is a curriculum that teaches your child fluency in Spanish through themes. There are currently two themes available for immediate purchase Fiestas (celebrations) and Estaciones (seasons) and a third Viajes (travel) which will be available in June 2013.  We chose the Estaciones for this review.

  • Grades 3-4 cover 30 weeks
  • Grades 5-6 and 7-8 cover 24 weeks
  • You also have your choice of digital or eBook format

What I like about the curriculum:

  • it is affordable-there are many foreign language curriculums out there that are so expensive and way above our homeschool budget. Spanish for You! costs run between $10.00 and $65.00 depending on whether you choose all grade levels or just a particular grade level. You can also choose a 4 week trial.
  • it can be used for multiple ages from grades 3 through 8! You can use it now and revisit it in future years to refresh or use
  • it is multi sensory. There is visual and audio learning involved.
  • it is self paced. There is not requirement for you to follow any particular pace/schedule. Your child can work at their own pace!
  • There are two sets of audio files for each lesson, both a native and non-native speaker. I really liked this feature to be able to first listen to the non-native speaker and then listen again with the native speaker. We found this very helpful in our learning the correct pronunciation.
  • there are common words and phrases-I found these very helpful to use many common phrases.
  • there are games, activities and pictures for making your own flash cards(digital files for the pictures) to use in conjunction with the lessons.


Common words and phrases


How we are using it:

Since it has been many, many years since I had Spanish classes, we are taking it very slow. KI am using the 3 and 4 grade level with my boys who are 11 and 8. We break each lesson into to two days, sometimes three. We listen to the audio each day first with the non-native speaker and then with the native speaker.  We are  creating flash cards as we go.  I will repeat the audio as necessary, if the boys are not understanding or get stuck we will go back and listen to the audios again.  We take between 15 and 20 minutes for each lesson.  I want the boys to absorb as much of the lesson as possible and I don’t wish to overwhelm them with too much vocabulary at one time.

I really like Spanish for You! I think it is a solid curriculum and I really like the concept of teaching using a theme!

Additional Info:

You can view sample pages of the Estaciones (seasons)and Fiestas (celebrations) by going to this page and clicking on the respective pictures.

Visit this page for some free mini lessons! You will also find free worksheets here!

Be sure to visit the Mosaic Reviews website where you can find out more information about Spanish for You! and read reviews of Fiestas (celebrations) theme!


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