Friday, April 5, 2013

Two Yummy Recipes Corn Chowder with turkey ham and a French Bread recipe!

Last night I tried two new recipes for supper. Both were a hit!

The first one is Corn Chowder with Turkey Ham. I found this recipe over at The Frugal Mom. She has a ton of great recipes on her site that are very frugal in cost along with wonderful frugal tips and ideas!

This was such a great and hearty recipe. I only made one batch. The next time I make it I think I will double it. The only ingredient I did not add was the green bell pepper as I did not have any on hand.

I also did not have the creamed corn that the recipe called for. At the bottom of the recipe there is a recipe for….you guessed it….creamed corn!  Ok, so I am never going to buy creamed corn again. It was very easy to make.  I did not have canned regular corn on hand as I do not usually purchase canned vegetables. I substituted with a 16 oz. bag of frozen corn and then followed the rest of the recipe. Easy!


The second recipe was for this oh-so-yummy French bread!

I have tried several recipes for French bread and have been pretty unhappy with all of them. Most of the ones I have tried the bread ends up being very heavy and dense.  Not this recipe. It is a keeper!  It makes one loaf and is very easy to make. If you enjoy making your own bread you have to give this one a try. The crust is crisp and the inside soft! YUMMMM!

This great French bread recipe comes from The Frugal Girl, another fantastic blog I have found!


Next time I am going to double the recipe and make two. There was not a bite left of this loaf!

So there you have it two great recipes that are frugal and tasty!

Do you have any new recipes you have tried lately that are keepers?

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Ami said...

I am going to try that bread!! :) Looks great! :) Ami