Monday, April 1, 2013

We Choose Virtues {Review}

Virtues are character traits we all hope to ascribe to and possess. Not only for ourselves as adults but as important part of teaching we want to instill in our children as they grow and develop character and morals. 

Recently we had the opportunity to review We Choose Virtues Character Curriculum created by Heather McMillian. I was excited to use this curriculum with my boys!

What we received: 

How we used it:

I read over the teacher handbook. There are many ideas, activities and games to help you teach the 12 virtues to your child.

I then printed out the family character assessment sheet for the boys. I even decided to print one for myself. (we’re never to old to improve ourselves are we?) I think  as parents not only should we teach our children virtues but also model those virtues daily to set an example. I knew I needed some improvement in some of these areas and tried to be very honest with my own assessment.


What surprised me the most was the honesty with which my boys evaluated themselves! I was so proud of them for being honest and truthful!

After we worked on our assessment we had a good discussion on what virtues are and why they are so important. Then we moved on to using the flash cards.


I just love these flash cards. they are colorful, bright and eye catching.  I think they appeal especially to younger children. My boys are 8 and 11 they both thought the flash cards were cute! The cards are printed on heavy duty cardstock and are 4.25 in. x 5.5 in.

The front of the cards have the virtue listed on them and on each card shows one of the kids of virtue. Each kid of virtue has a name that will help you to remember that particular virtue. For example the self-controlled character’s name is Stop Sign Madeline.

On the back of each card there are a couple of catch phrases for the kids to learn and a Bible verse to memorize to help learn and reinforce that virtue.


Each week we choose one of the virtue cards to learn. We started out with Obedient. I have a small pocket chart (purchased from Target’s dollar spot a couple of years ago) that our cards fit in nicely which hangs just above our school table. We read the front of the card and learn the virtue on the front then turn it over read and repeat the catch phrases and then discuss and work on memorizing the Bible verse.


After we have learned a few I put 3 or 4 on in the pocket chart at once as a review. Having them where we can see them throughout our day is a great visual for them (and me) and a great reminder to us as we learn and build character.


Just going over these for 5-10 minutes a couple of times each day is enough to reinforce the virtues and why we strive to do our best and act our best each day!

The sample parent card is also a wonderful tool!  These are much bigger then the flash cards and have more information on the back of each card.



front of card


back of card

I have not printed out the coloring pages at this point. Kaden (my 8 year old) still likes to color, but not as much as when he was a bit younger. They are a great addition to the flash cards! You could print them all and the put them into a folder or bind them into a book to make a complete coloring book to go along with your daily virtue lessons.

After reading the above list and seeing all the PDF downloads that come with the We Choose Virtues curriculum you might be thinking that you will be spending a lot of money on printer paper and ink, let me reassure you that is not the case.  The only items I have printed out to date is the character assessment page and the memory verses and Bible heroes and truths page.  I did not print out the teacher handbook.  You can use the teacher handbook right from your computer or you can do as I did and download it to your tablet or smartphone. I downloaded mine to my Kindle Fire!

I will say that although Justin is almost 12 and this curriculum is geared to early childhood and elementary, he did enjoy participating, especially the Bible memorization and Bible heroes parts. 

There are additional products and tools, including classroom kits, homeschool kits and church kits and more that can be found at the We Choose Virtues website.

We really are enjoying the We Choose Virtues flash cards and I would recommend this curriculum to those wanting to instill virtues in the hearts of their children.  I think that this curriculum would be just fabulous used in a Sunday school!

This product adapts so easily from a large group, Sunday school or classroom to using it one on one! 

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For more reviews and ideas on how other families are using We Choose Virtues be sure to stop over at the Mosaic Reviews website!



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