Friday, May 17, 2013

May Clutter Busting Challenge: Update 88 Items!



Today I am sharing 88 items that I have removed from our home with this challenge! Yes, 88!  Well they are not out of here yet, but much of it will be this weekend! Tomorrow we are taking much of what I have listed to a yard sale to sell. What does not sell this week I will take to my aunt’s memorial day yard sale next weekend! After that it gets donated!

I go through my freebies and samples a couple of times a year and sell or donate when I get an over abundance of items from my CVS shopping.

Another thing I have started decluttering are my photos. I will not tell you how behind I am on this project! Years. The other day I decided to move photos from one album to another. The one I originally had the photos in was just too larger for the shelf. I decided to move them to a smaller album I had on hand. Well I had the brilliant idea that I should declutter those photos. After all how many photos of a rabbit in our yard (from 1992) do I really need to save? I had about 7 of them! SEVEN! Of a rabbit!

In addition to that I had about 10 pictures of my nephew who is now an adult holding a particular elephant we gave him for his third birthday. I think I had about six of those. I thought saving two of them would be enough! I have always been an avid photographer, but I really need to be ruthless with my decluttering! Really when I am gone someday is anyone going to want all of these pictures? Yes many are priceless memories, but I think I can remember and event without twenty of the almost exact photo. Please tell me you can relate?

I have gotten quite serious with this challenge and I will be sharing more in the upcoming days and weeks!

PicMonkey Collage

Here is my list:

  • 42 samples
  • 3 Conditioners
  • 1 razor
  • 2 Sunscreen
  • 1 hand sanitizer
  • 2 Pantene Samples
  • 11 Wood backed rubber stamps
  • 11 foam backed rubber stamps
  • 3 decorative mirrors
  • 1 bear figurine
  • 1 kids toy
  • 1 bug catcher
  • 3 books
  • 1 package bulletin board cut outs
  • 1 photo album
  • 1 pile of photos (probably about 50!)
  • 1 stack of papers (went to recycling)

This brings my total items decluttered since I started this challenge to 156 items not including the papers I decluttered last week and the small items I have thrown out and not bothered to photograph!

I’m starting to see a small difference! I will continue to declutter more today as I prepare for the yard sale.

How is your decluttering challenge going?

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Laurie said...

Pat yourself on the back!! It feels good- doesn't it?!