Thursday, May 2, 2013

Of Bugs and Boys

Kaden is our resident insect expert. He loves butterflies, ladybugs, praying mantis and all sorts of other insects.

For his birthday back in March, we bought him a ladybug habitat. A couple of weeks ago I ordered the ladybug larvae once they arrived, he was excited to begin setting up his habitat.

The larvae arrived in a long tube and we needed to get them into the habitat.


Step one was to add water to the little felt in the center of the habitat. This is for the lady bug larvae to drink from.



Step two: add the ladybug larvae. To do this you open the tube and insert it into the top of the habitat. The top of the habitat has a lid that comes off so you can add them easily and also add fresh water as needed. It was a bit tricky getting the larvae into the habitat without dropping them into the wet felt piece. You have to be sure to tilt the plastic tube away from the felt.


I love the look of concentration on Kaden’s face!


and here are the larvae and their food. Not too exciting to look at are they? They are very tiny.

We actually thought that most of them were dead, as the weather here had turned chilly, but we are happy to report that two survived and we have been watching them each day. Below you can see one of the larvae in the top of the habitat. We watch them crawl all around, get a drink and are patiently waiting for them to turn into ladybugs!


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