Thursday, July 18, 2013

Justin turns Twelve!

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I’ve been a bit absent from my blog for these last few weeks. Both boys were sick over a period of two weeks. Thankfully each at different times. It seems that Justin fared the worse as he was sick the Saturday after 4th of July and then again on his birthday, which was July 10th.

Can you believe it? Justin turned 12! How did that happen? Where does the time go? I seems that it was just yesterday that he was toddling around and now here he is almost as tall as me!

Justin is such a blessing! He has such a kind and giving heart! I am one lucky mama! Justin is very easy to please when it comes to gifts. He rarely wants a whole bunch of presents. The one thing he really wanted was another 4-D puzzle.  He wanted either Sydney, Australia or Hong Kong. We chose Sydney for him.  He loves puzzles especially three or four dimensional puzzles.  That was all he asked for. We did get him a couple of other items.  He also wanted to go to Taco Bell for dinner. Justin told us that we never take him there and his birthday and airplane day are the only times he gets to eat there. (not true my dear son!)



Being the organized and oh so efficient mom, he got his own custom made wrapping paper! Yeah I was out of wrapping paper so markers and brown craft paper to the rescue! That’s how we roll here!



Kaden went with a space theme with the earth, sun and moon!



I just love this picture! I asked him to smile! Think he is happy about his puzzle?


My favorite 12 year old!

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Jen said...

Happy birthday, Justin!!