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LeapFrog {Review}






When you think of the LeapFrog name most of us automatically think of a great line of electronic learning toys! Our family has had several Leap Frog products over the years that we have just loved! Mega Brands the company that carries the Mega Block and Rose Art product lines is now carrying a paper-based product line featuring the LeapFrog characters. Two years ago Mega Brands partnered with the Leap Frog company to bring some pretty neat non-electronic paper based products. These products are very affordable ranging in price from 99 cents to $24.99. The age range is 3 and up.

We were given the following products to review. All of these products are for grade 2-4 age group.




Multiplication flash cards

Telling Time

Draw & Write Journal



Cursive Dry Erase Practice

Double Sided Dry Erase & Chalkboard

I really like these products! They are bright and colorful and made to hold up well with repeated use. They are non-electronic! Don’t get me wrong we love our electronics here. However I think some times we are too plugged in to our computers, tablets, etc. It is nice to have something that the kids can use that require thinking and using their imagination! These products fit the bill perfectly!  

The multiplication cards are large with crisp clear numbers and can be used in two different ways to memorize multiplication facts. The Telling Time and Cursive book are both dry erase and can be used over and over without wasting large amounts of paper.

I really like the Dry Erase and Chalk board combo! It comes with a little zippered pouch that holds the dry erase marker and chalk { two pieces of chalk and a dry erase marker are included in the pouch). Another feature I really like is that the pouch for the dry erase and chalkboard are attached great for travel and keeping those items handy. So many times items can get lost, this little pouch keeps everything in one place. 

The Telling Time book contains 14 pages of various clock activities to help children learn to tell time and also includes a clock with moveable hands.

The Draw & Write Journal has stickers in the front for creating a story. Each two page spread has a blank page for your child to create a story. The opposite page has primary lines for writing about the story!


PicMonkey Collagea


Kaden’s favorite was the Dry Erase and Chalkboard! The zipped pouch removes easily with two small clips.


PicMonkey Collageb


The Cursive Dry Erase Practice book contains the entire alphabet, a days of the week page, a shape page, a color page, a first through fifth writing page, blank primary lined pages and and a my story page.


PicMonkey Collagec

Kaden’s picture he crated with the Draw & Write Journal.  Another picture he created in the top right photo along with the lined side of the journal. The Multiplication flash cards!

LeapFrog paper-based learning products can be found in the Craft and Stationary isle at Wal-Mart, Target, Michael’s Craft Stores, Joanne’s, Toys R Us and Amazon.

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