Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Make Your Own Ambient Emergency Light


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With summer comes summer storms and many times the electricity goes out. At least it does here in our neck of the woods. I always keep a couple of battery operated lanterns on hand as well as candles a lighter and matches. That last option of candles is not always a safe alternative and I find that to have enough light requires the use of several candles. When you add kids and pets into the mix, well that is not always a great combination!

Last summer Justin and I came upon an idea to create emergency lighting using two inexpensive items: a gallon jug of water and a headlight. We always  have  an abundance of headlights in our home as we use them as our book lights

Simply put the headlight around the middle of the jug and face the light towards the jug and turn it on.  That’s it! Instant light!

These lights are not just for emergencies but would be great for camping and for having light in your yard for an evening cookout or hanging out in the backyard after dark!




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