Monday, September 9, 2013

EEME {Review & a freebie}


Recently we were given the opportunity to review a really awesome product  from EEME called Genius light Project.  Jack, the founder of EEME was in search of educational toys for his son.  Toys that were not only fun, but also engaging.  Toys that went beyond the basics, that would give a deeper understanding and knowledge of how things work.  Not finding these types of engaging toys, EEME was born!
EEME is a  monthly subscription service that offers a monthly electronics project for your children. The kits come with everything you need to create your project. When your kit arrives you go to the EEME website and watch the video tutorials with your child and build your project. 
There are two different subscriptions levels available starting at $18.95 per month.
We received the Genius Light Project. The suggested age level for these projects are 7-12. Justin decided he wanted to be the one to actually put the project together.  When we opened our kit everything  he would need was included in the box.  All of the items needed were easily identified.  We went to the EEME website to begin watching the videos. For the Genius Light there are 22 short videos that give you step by step instructions with the first video going through and explaining every item in the kit.
I was on hand to help Justin with this project if he should need me, but he ended up completing the entire project on his own.  The videos give you the ability to go back or pause if you are stuck or have made a mistake when putting your LED light together.

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What we liked about this project:
  • It is an all inclusive kit.
  • The videos were clear, precise and to the point.
  • The videos were engaging and kept Justin’s interest.
  • The videos were not too long.
  • We had the ability to go back or pause the video.
  • There is an area on the right side of the video to submit a question or submit feedback if you have a problem or get stuck. (we did not use this feature as Justin had no problems with the directions) You will also find directions in this area and/or questions about the project you are working on.
  • In addition during the video the narrator asks a multiple choice question to see if the child has an understanding of what they are working on.
  • While working through the videos your child is not simply learning to building an LED light he is learning how and why the light works. The videos are not just a step one put this wire here and step two put this wire there. Your child is learning why you need to put a particular part in a particular  and how the electricity flows to make the light work and why the light works the way it does. Children not only learn the mechanics of putting the light together but what makes the light work as well.
  • You have the ability to save the current session you are working on and log out. When you log back in you will begin where you left off!
  • You are taught to built an LED light and how to also create a photo cell LED light.
  • The parts in the kit are well made and very sturdy.
I was really impressed with this project! The videos are very through and thought out.  The subject matter is taught at a child’s level while not talking down to them. The videos are very short just a couple of minutes long for each segment. The videos teach in such a way as to give your child confidence in his or her ability to complete this project.

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These kits are a great choice if you have a child interested at all in engineering and electronics!  We have purchased a couple of kits in the past that Justin and I tried to work on and all they did was frustrate both of us. I vividly remember us working on a particular project and the frustration we had when we could not get it to work. We ended up giving it and the rest of the kits we had purchased away because they were just too frustrating without a good outcome or understanding of what we were doing and why! You will not have this result with the EEME projects!
 You can also find EEME here: 

Now for the freebie!
Would you like to try the Genius Light Kit for free? EEME has graciously offered my readers a free Genius Light Kit! By using the link here you can get your first project for free! You must use this link and be aware that this offer expires on September 16, 2013! So what have you got to loose! Give EEME a try!



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