Thursday, September 5, 2013

Garden Explosion!

Last night I had a meeting. I asked the boys to please pick the garden for me since I had not had a chance to get out there yesterday.  We have a small raised bed garden this year (3 raised beds to be exact). Here is what was waiting for me on our kitchen table when I returned home last night.

Apparently our garden exploded!



This is just one day’s picking! there are almost 20 tomatoes in that clear container! Our tomatoes are not very pretty, but they sure taste good! I love them! Especially tomato sandwiches! Yum!




These are out cherry and grape tomatoes. Well over 100!



Here are our pickling cucumbers! This alone weighs 1 pound! I usually pick them when they are a bit smaller, but this guy was apparently hiding!  I have been making freezer pickles at least once a week for the last month or so! We will be well stocked with pickles over the winter! I am getting ready to whip up another batch today!  We jut love them!

How about you? Have you had a garden this year? What did you plant? Next year we want to expand our garden.

God has given us such abundance!


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