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He Knows Your Name and The Power of An Ordinary Prayer {Review}


Today I am sharing two books that will help you with your Walk with God. Both of these books are wonderful and would make great editions to your personal library and would make a lovely gift!


He Knows Your Name by Travis Cottrell

ISBN-13: 978-1617951916

Worth Publishing

144 pages, hardback

The first book I am sharing is He Knows Your Name, with an introduction by Beth Moore and written by Travis Cottrell. What a beautiful book! You will want to read and share! Travis shares from his heart about God’s love for us and the wondrous ways God shows that  love!

Imagine a God that knows your name. Knows you personally, intimately. God desires to know each one of his children. He longs for us to come to Him. To seek Him. He will pursue you if you will only allow Him to. You are His child. He wants to give you so much. Travis Cottrell put into words how God knows us so intimately. God wants to claim us as His own. To know that we are his beloved children. . In our joy and sorrow in our hopelessness and happiness. God is there and longs for us to call out to Him.

God also wants our surrender. Our complete surrender to Him. He offers grace and love like no other. Surrender can be hard and it can be scary. Many times we want control over everything. But we need to submit to Him. Completely. This book will show you the ways God loves us! The book is filled with scripture and quotes that guide guide us closer to Him.

This stood out to me as I read: from page 174~I guarantee that when you open up to God’s view, you’ll be surprised at the joy and freedom your worship at the altar of surrender will bring.

You will find at the end of each chapter a section for reflection and application with questions for you to ponder and space for you to write your answers. As you work through this little book you will find yourself drawn closer to God.

He Knows Your Name would make a wonderful devotional and Bible study.


About Travis Cottrell

Dove Award-winning artist Travis Cottrell has been worship leader for Beth Moore and her hugely successful Living Proof Live! Conferences for 12 years. Travis has been on LifeWay's Top 10 Artist list for the past three years; Alive Forever has sold 130,000 units and Jesus Saves is on track to eclipse that record. He has 6,000 friends on his Facebook fan page and more than 5,000 Facebook friends

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The Power of An Ordinary Prayer by Michael W. Smith

ISBN-13: 978-1617951923

Worthy Publishing

144 pages, Hardback

The Power of An Ordinary Prayer. That is how this book begins. With an ordinary prayer that Michael W. Smith shares with us. In my opinion that prayer is anything but ordinary. It is beautiful and extraordinary in the simplicity of that prayer. It truly is a beautiful prayer. One that should be prayer over and over and applied to our lives. Michael shares with us God’s promises. Not promises of a wonderful, happy, uneventful and safe life. But a life full of Jesus and His love. Finding joy in our purpose for being here. For serving God. Living for those promises. Not promises of wealth or a sorrow free life, but seeing the real blessing of God’s abundance. Not for God to bring us more stuff or the desires of our hearts or even to try to manipulate God into giving us what we want. You’ve tried that right? Me too.  In order  to have a real and true relationship with God we need to stop pursing our own selfish desires and live a life of selflessness. That can be hard. At least for me.

On my own personal journey with God, I have found myself asking if I am hearing Him correctly. Does He really want me to give up myself? For others. Yes. He is asking me to put aside my desires for His. To put others before myself.  Oh I have really struggled with this lately and yet I hear God calling me softly to give up myself and follow His lead. And I am.

The Power of An Ordinary Prayer is giving me that extra push I need. I have changed radically in these last few months. That is also what this book is about. Change. An awakening in our hearts to hear God.

Thinking about prayer and my prayer life this book is helping me to be closer to God and to listen for His voice. This book would make a wonderful devotional on prayer. You will find it filled with scripture and beautiful photos and sections though out the book with questions and a place for writing your thoughts on those questions.

About Michael W. Smith

In addition to winning several Grammy and Dove awards, Michael W. Smith has recorded more than 22 albums and had numerous hit songs in the Christian market and on mainstream radio. He is also involved in relief work, at home and around the world, and is the founder of Rocketown, an outreach to teenagers in a 38,000 square-foot facility in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. He has written several best-selling books including Old Enough to Know and Friends Are Friends Forever. He and his wife, Debbie, have 5 children and live in Nashville.


About the Publisher

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disclosure: I received these books from Worthy Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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