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Sword Study {Review}

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About The Sword Study Bible Study

Organized into different levels according to age, each study provides in-depth material from the same book of the Bible. Each study book is synchronized to cover the same truths at the same time but with graphics and learning tools appropriate for the age group.

  • Level 1, for ages 4-7, is an activity book with coloring, drawing, matching and other fun learning tools.
  • Level 2, for ages 7-10, contains light reading, fill-in-the-blank, and application sections.
  • Level 3, for ages 11-14, involves more investigation and questions for the student to answer.
  • Level 4, for teens and adults, steps up the reading and the depth of study including the definition of several Greek or Hebrew terms.
  • Level 5 is for the parent or study leader with guidance and background to lead a group of all ages.

The Sword Study series, originally created for competitors in The Shelby Kennedy Foundation's National Bible Bee, is now available to everyone for the first time. Families no longer have to compete in the Bible Bee to establish family discipleship in the home with this one-of-a-kind study.

My Thoughts

My first thought when I received the Sword Study of II Timothy was WOW.  What a truly wonderful study! I first would like to thank Glass Road Media for the generosity in sending me all five levels! I did not expect that at all. Sword Study is set up to be a 10 week study that can be used by your entire family. There is a level for ages 4 and up with 5 levels in all.

Each level is geared towards a particular age group starting with the youngest at age 4.

We are a homeschool family and I have been looking for a study that we can all do together in the evenings. I wanted something that would have us all pretty much studying the same thing. Sword Study fits the bill. This is a very in depth Bible study.

For the level 1 crowd (ages 4-7) the activity book is wonderful. With coloring pages, games, prayers to say together and Bible memorization it is very engaging. 

In level 2 and 3 level progresses there is more reading, thought provoking questions, Bible memorization and praying.

Level 4 takes it up a notch and presents more of a challenge in reading the Bible and prayer time as well as really digging in deep into the study.

Level 5 is for the leader or parent leading the study and is filled with guidance to help you study as a group or a family.

Since this is such a deep and intense study, if you feel that 10 weeks is just not enough time to complete everything in this study you could break it down into smaller bites and take as much time as you need. I could easily see doubling the time of the study from 10 to 20 weeks and taking our time to really get into the heart of this study!

If you are looking for a deep and meaningful way to study the Bible I would recommend Sword Study.

Be sure to visit The Sword Study website for more information on this study and the other Sword Study series that are available.

About the Shelby Kennedy Foundation

The Shelby Kennedy Foundation exists to help families strengthen their personal relationship with the Lord.  They do this by coming along side parents as they disciple their children through in-depth study of the Word of God, Scripture memory and prayer. For more information visit

disclosure: I received Sword Study from Glass Road Media in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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