Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Easy Fall Stick Wreath


I have been wanting to make a fall wreath for my front door. There had been nothing hanging there for the past month and it just looked bare and forlorn. I wanted something for the fall season that I could leave up until Thanksgiving.

In searching around the internet I saw several ideas for making a stick wreath! I thought it seemed like a simple wreath to make and I had the supplies readily available.  We have three large maple trees in our yard that are always dropping sticks and twigs. This project fit my crafting criteria quite nicely! It had to be relatively easy and inexpensive! It ended up being free which was even better!  


Having made our birthday wreath a couple of years ago, I thought I could easily make this! I was right. It is so easy to make.  I bet many of you have the supplies on hand to make your own stick wreath!

So I gathered up my supplies:


015a (1)

The first step is to cut your cardboard into a circle. I used my circle cutter, but you don’t have to own a circle cutter to make this wreath!  A pair of scissors would work just fine. My cutter allows you to adjust the size of the circle. I made my circle about 7 inches in diameter and the center opening is about 4 inches.

You can make your circle as large or as small as you would like depending on the size of the wreath you wish to make. In addition your circle does not have to be perfect. You can see the bottom of my circle is cut off. That was the edge of the cardboard. Also the inner circle is a bit off center. None of that will matter as you are just using the cardboard as your base. Once you attach your sticks you will not see any of that!

If you need a pattern for your circle you can use a large lid as a pattern or a luncheon or dinner plate. For the inner circle a glass or a jar would work just fine. 

001ab (1)


The next step is to start gluing on your sticks. I just started randomly gluing them around the circle. I did tend to put the thicker sticks on first and then added the small. If a stick was too large I just broke it until I had the size I wanted. So easy! In the photo above you can see that I glued my sticks just to the inner edge of the circle. You want to go a bit into that inner circle with your sticks to hide the cardboard.

002a (2)


Continue to add sticks until you have no cardboard showing through. I layered my sticks here and there to make it look full until I was happy with the result!

007 (1)


Almost complete! To hang it I attached a piece of twine to the back with more hot glue.

009 (1)


Here is my completed wreath! So easy! It took me about an hour from start to finish. I love the way it turned out. I thought about adding something to it and it was suggested to me that it would look nice with some fall leaves or ribbon, but I really like the simple, primitive look!

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Debbie said...

This is beautiful! I might give it a try. Great job.

Michele said...

Thanks Debbie! It is really easy to make!