Saturday, November 2, 2013

See The Light {Review}



One of the fun parts of our homeschool day is art time! The boys and I love to create and art is a fun way for us to not only learn about an artist, their style and technique but to express our creative side! We were very excited when we were given the opportunity to review See The Light art program!

We were able to choose which topic we wanted to learn about from the Art Projects category.

There are 9 famous arts to choose from and learn about:


We chose Tiffany Window in the style of Louis Comfort Tiffany.  All of the Art Projects DVD’s are taught by master artist Pat Knepley.

The recommended age for this project is 10 and up. The project is broken down into four lessons that can be easily stopped and started up again at your convenience.  The total run time of the Tiffany Window DVD is 102 minutes. Each DVD retails for $14.99 or you can sign up for the DVD-of-the-month for $12.99. In addition you can purchase the boxed set of all 9 DVD’s for $99.99.

What we liked about See The Light

  • The lessons were easy to follow
  • The lessons use scripture along with the art instruction.
  • The lessons also include the history of the artist
  • the lessons were very engaging, Pat Knepley is wonderful at explaining each lesson.
  • The items we needed for this project we had on hand and are inexpensive and easily attainable. At the start of the video there is a list of supplies you will need for your project.

We really loved this art project! It was so much fun. I did not expect the amount of historical information about the artist. We learned so much about Louis Comfort Tiffany! Watching the video was like getting a history lesson and an art lesson rolled into one! I also really liked the tie-in using scripture.

I think the recommended age level is on target. Justin is 12 and Kaden is 8. Kaden needed a bit of assistance with his work towards the end of the lessons.

I loved learning at home at our own pace. We could start and stop the DVD as we needed to. Several times we went back and re-watched a segment to make sure we understood it.

073a (1)

Here are our flower choices for our project. Kaden chose the sunflower, Justin chose the rose and I chose the purple flower. Yes I decided to give my artistic skills a try too!

To complete our project we needed markers, poster board, pencils and an eraser.


In the photo above, both boys are working on their drawings. We started out by drawing our flowers, stems and leaves. Our progress as we worked on our art.



Our finished art! I thought they came out so well! I was not so sure when we first started! But they are display worthy!

From Left to right: Kaden, Justin and Mom. If you look closely at my work you can see several mistakes! But the boys told me it was an original!

Justin and Kaden both enjoyed the lessons and the final result. Justin thought he made his flowers a little too small, but I think they came out just fine! Justin usually prefers just to use a pencil and paper and create line drawings and so this was a bit out of his comfort zone. He did tell me he really enjoyed the lessons.

Kaden just loves art and this was right up his alley! I just love both of their pieces!


The only real problem I had with the lesson was that in getting our supplies ready we were told to get markers. Which we did. However, our markers were just the regular pointy tip markers and pretty far into the lesson it was clear that angled markers were being used. This was not mentioned at the start of the lesson. While we were able to complete our art, it would have been helpful to have the proper tools.

I would highly suggested watching the video BEFORE you begin your art work. Just so you know what you need to do before you commit it to paper!

I highly recommend these DVD’s. I think they are wonderful, quality art lessons.

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Corina said...

Cool! Your art looks amazing! I'll have to look more into them - we love art! : )

Michele said...

Thank you, Corina! It really was a fun project!