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A Walk One Winter Night {Review}


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A Walk One Winter Night by Al Anders

A Real Christmas Story

Rediscover the simple joy of wonder!

What started as a simple, late night stroll to clear his head from the hassles of the season turned into something that can only be described as...real.

My Thoughts

Wow. A Walk One Winter Night is a small book that holds a very powerful message.  I was so moved by this book. I cried as I read it. So many of us see nativity displays at our church, we put them up in our homes. We see them  in our neighbors yards. We put them in our own yards. We attend live nativity reenactments with our children playing the parts of Mary and Joseph. The shepherds, angels and the Wiseman . And most importantly the baby Jesus.  I am attending one at my church tonight that my boys are participating in.  Yet I think we forget what these displays actually mean.

Sure we recognize that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. But do we really stop and ponder and listen for God’s voice while we are setting up and displaying those nativities? Or have they just become ritual to us?

That is what A Walk One Winter Night is all about. The realness of Mary and Joseph. The difficult life they lead. What tremendous stress and strain they must have been under. She bearing a child so young and making the long and difficult journey to Bethlehem. Joseph making her comfortable as possible. Being her husband and protector and making sure they had food and were safe as they travelled. Finding a place for Mary to give birth. Things we might take for granted living in our modern world of convenience and luxury. 

How frightened those shepherds must have been when the angels visited them and announced Jesus’ birth! I cannot imagine it. I just cannot. How changed they must have been after that. How could you not be forever changed?

And then Jesus Himself, God put himself in our shoes. Born of a woman. Just like you….just like me. God in human form. He came to understand us, to feel how we feel to see what we see to live as we live. To understand us. To feel pain and heartache and sorrow just like we do.  Here on earth. And He did. He paid the ultimate price for us. One we could never understand or ever pay back. Ever. He loved us. And yet we killed Him. And today He still loves us. He pursues us. Wants a relationship with us! In spite of the way we treat Him. He wants a relationship With me! With you too!  He forgives us over and over again. We don’t deserve it. Not any of it. Yet it’s true.

A Walk One Winter Night is a beautiful book. The drawings in it are simple and beautiful. I read it to my boys. I plan on reading it again and it is a book that will go with our treasured Christmas books. 

I hope to always remember why I put out our nativities and why I attend the live nativity each year. Not just for the ritual. For the reason that Jesus came for me and for you and that those people who played a part in the story of His birth where real and alive and lived this story so that I could know Him.

disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Worthy Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


Al Andrews is the director of Porter's Call, a ministry to recording artists and their families in Franklin, Tennessee. He devotes 100% of the profits of his children's books to charities that aid children in crisis and inner city initiatives.

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