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HelloFresh {Review & $20 off your first box offer}




HelloFresh is a food subscription service that delivers fresh ingredients of meat, spices and produce to create complete meals directly to your door. I find shopping for groceries a tedious job. By using HelloFresh, shopping for your meals could not be easier.

Each week you can order three meals. You have the choice of either a classic or a vegetarian box. You are given five meal choices so if you find a particular meal not to your liking you can change it out for another meal to suit your family’s preferences.

A Classic box is $69.00 two person ($129.00 4 person box)

The Vegetarian box is $59.00 two person ($109.00 4 person)

shipping is included in the above prices

You have the ability to put your subscription on hold at any time. For just a week or up to several weeks at a time.


There are just four simple steps to ordering your first box!


Our box arrived on the appointed day packed in a sturdy box with plastic bands securely keeping it closed. Inside the box was a thick padded, plastic covered foam that covered all four sides and the bottom of the box.

Inside was everything I needed to prepare three complete meals. Our box was a 2 person box. The top layer of the box had the recipe cards-which are large and very nicely done with the ingredients, nutrition facts and a photo of the finished product as well as photos of the ingredients included for the recipe. On the reverse side of the card are step by step instructions with color photos of each step as well as written directions.

Next comes the ingredients, spices, produce, fruits, vegetables.

In the bottom of the box are the meats (if you chose the classic box) and below those are two large (they covered the entire bottom of the box) ice packs. Our ice was still very well frozen and we had a late afternoon delivery.  


All of the ingredients are clearly labeled and packaged for each recipe.

Below are photos of each meal we chose after I cooked it and the ingredients that go with each recipe!






The Pros of using HelloFresh:

  • everything for each meal was clearly labeled and easy to figure out.
  • The produce, spices and meats were all fresh and packaged very well for shipment.
  • each of the above meals I was able to make in about 30 minutes or less.
  • The recipes are very easy to follow. The instructions were clearly written. In addition there were photos of every step. I also liked that the recipe cards state what pans/utensils you need to have on hand.  My twelve year old was able to easily follow these recipes and helped me with all three meals.
  • There were a couple of ingredients that I needed to supply, such as olive oil and butter. This is clearly stated on the recipe cards.
  • In addition to the physical recipe cards that comes with your box. You will receive a PDF download of your recipes as well.
  • Creating an account with HelloFresh and ordering my first box was very easy to do.
  • Having the option to trade out one meal for another is wonderful. Just a note with this step. I had to complete the entire ordering process and check out and then log back into my account before I could change out one meal for another.
  • Having the ability to pause my deliveries for up to a month. This is a great feature if you want to pause your delivery for an extended period of time or if you only want to order a box every once in a while. Pausing your subscription is so easy with just a click of the mouse!
  • I love the convenience of having fresh food delivered right to my door, which saves me time and gas.
  • Having everything on hand for a complete meal was wonderful!
  • The portions are very generous. Even though we ordered the 2 person box, we were easily able to feed three of us. Kaden my youngest is very picky and would eat none of it. Of course I know this will depend on your family’s appetite. I did add in an extra vegetable or salad with each of these meals.
  • I like the option of using PayPal as a method of payment for our subscription.

The Cons:

You know I really do not like to use the word cons since it has such a negative tone about it. Our experience with HelloFresh was wonderful and I do not want you to think there was anything wrong with our food, it was fantastic! However there were a few things that stood out to me.

  • The cost the food was a bit on the expensive side. Now that is just us. For you it may not be a big deal! I keep a pretty tight grocery budget here and using HelloFresh just is not cost effective for our family.  However HelloFresh does offer discounts from time to time and below you will find a coupon code for $20 off your first order should you decide to try them out!
  • Another draw back for me is that there may be some weeks I really did not care for the meals being offered. Of course you could always pause your subscription for that week.
  • Delivery areas: HelloFresh is not nation wide at this time. You can see what states they deliver to here.

Over all I think that HelloFresh is a wonderful service! I highly recommend them. We truly enjoyed each of the meals! I will say our favorites were the lamb and the turkey!

Our family does not suffer from any known food allergies. If you have questions in regards to that you might want to visit the frequently asked questions page of their website.

Now if you are interested in trying HelloFresh for yourself I have a referral code for you to receive $20 off your first box. Just use code V777GP (I will get $20 off a future order too)

Additional ways to connect with HelloFresh:







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