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Asia: Its People and History {review}

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if it were illegal to own a Bible? Or if you were forced to move away from your home because of your belief in Jesus?

These are just a couple of things that happen in some countries of the world? Living here in the United States it is hard for me to imagine having to worry about my faith in Jesus. we live in a country were it is legal to own and read a Bible. To worship God freely and share my faith publicly without worry of persecution.  Not only can I read my Bible any time and anywhere,  but I own several Bibles in several translations. Not at all uncommon in the United States.

Asia: Its People and History is so much more than your typical unit study. It is a study that shows the heart of people in several Asian countries who have and are persecuted and suffering for their faith in Christ.

The purpose of this study is to introduce our children to other cultures and people who live a much different life than we do and yet we share the same faith with.

In our family we do know a bit about Asia as both of our boys were adopted from South Korea. We have studied a bit about their birth country.  But Korea is just a small part of Asia. There are over 50 countries in Asia and many we are not familiar with.

Asia: Its People and History is a sixteen week study. The study covers the countries of Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Iran and Vietnam.

Each lesson shares the history of the country, a store, discussion questions and activities.

There are a variety of activities from puzzles, crossword and word searches  to matching activities. For example for China there is an activity to match the Dynasty to an event that happened during that time period.

You will also find a suggested reading list for each country with some wonderful selections to add more depth to this study an most are free downloads from The Voice of the Martyrs.

This is such a wonderful study that can be used not only with your children but with the whole family.

Asia: Its People and History is available at Amazon on in Kindle format.

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