Saturday, March 29, 2014

Frugal Pokémon Piñata {Tutorial}

Last week we celebrated Kaden’s 9th birthday! (I still can’t believe he is 9! Where did my baby go?) Kaden wanted a Pokémon piñata for his birthday. The only problem? I did not like the $20 price tag. Let’s face it birthdays can get expensive. You not only need the piñata, you also need candy to fill it which can easily run into $30 by the time you’ve purchased said piñata and candy. Not a good plan. Especially when you have other aspects of the party to pay for. Like the cake and some other food for the party.
My solution? Make one myself. I was going to  purchase a generic piñata and do a bit of altering.  My plan was to stop in the party store or one of the big box stores to see what I could find around $10.
I was super excited when we stopped at Five Below and found a piñata for $3.99!  Now that was a price I was willing to pay! Of course it had a skull on it and Kaden was not sold on the idea that it would look like a Pokémon piñata.  I promised him it would.  He decided he wanted it to look like a Pokémon Poke ball.
What you need:
  • Piñata
  • Scissors
  • crepe paper (red, white and black)
  • Tape or glue (I used tape)
  • Card stock (I used white)
  • Black Marker
  • Glass or jar to create a circle
The piñata

The cat inspectors making sure the piñata was up to code!
Step 1:
Cut off the streamers on either side of the piñata
Note: If you have a piñata that you need to open-there is a ribbon on each side of the piñata. Do not cut those off until you have firmly pulled them to make the piñata stay open! I cut ours off after it was securely opened. You can see them in the photo below they are red and white striped.
Also if you have a pull string piñata you don’t want to cut those off! Ours were black and gray. Of course IF you did cut them off you could always give your kids a bat and have them whack it until they broke it open! Since this was inside in a smallish space I thought the pull string were much safer, if not as exciting. After all I didn’t want any of our guests getting “bashed”.
Step 2:
Make a circle with the card stock. (you will need one for both sides) I didn’t measure and it is not straight. I  taped two pieces together to make a complete circle. It does not have to be perfect. No one will see this part. You might not have to do this step if your covering your piñata with a darker color. The black was showing through on ours.
You can also give the sides a trim if you want. I did. Hence those black specs in the photo.
Step 3:
Start adding your crepe paper. I took a pair of scissors and fringed the paper. I was not too careful. I didn’t bother to measure any of the crepe paper as I added it. That’s how I roll! Once it was fringed, I just taped it on.
The red almost done. I started in the center and worked my way to the top.
Red and white done on one side. I did the sides the same way, just cut the crepe paper into smaller pieces.
Step 4:
Add a black stripe the same way you did the red and white. Cut two circles (one for each side) for the center. I used a glass to make the circle and then used a smaller glass to make an edge and colored it in with a black marker.
All finished. I did leave the opening for the candy and the black and gray strings on the bottom stayed that color.
It cost me about $8 total to make! The total time to make was about an hour. Super easy and Kaden loved it!
You could do this with any character. If Kaden had wanted Pikachu I would have made the piñata yellow and black and printed out a picture of Pikachu. I actually thought that was what he would want. The possibilities are endless. Just use your imagination.
Parties do not have to be expensive to be fun!
I have done a couple of other piñatas. Star Wars (scroll down) and Lego piñatas where both big hits here too! I even made little individual piñatas if you can to take a look. Maybe you will come up with some fun ideas!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks for posting this. I kept seeing the other ones that were "make from scratch" pinata projects lasting days...I simply don't have that time. Now THIS-- this is awesome. I can definitely do this. Thanks for the great idea and sharing!!