Monday, April 21, 2014

Going Big with 3-D Puzzles



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Puzzles are a lot of fun! We own quite a few from large floor puzzles to small  puzzles. 

Puzzles are a great challenge that causes kids (and adults) to think and problem solve. 

Justin owns a lot of 3-D and 4-D puzzles. He owns several of the Cityscape 4-D puzzles. Out of the many puzzles we own these two types  are his favorite.

A couple of years ago we bought him this Big Ben puzzle. This puzzle lives up to it’s name. It is huge and has almost 1500 pieces. Justin decided that he was going to finally put it together. He started on a Thursday and had it completed by the following Monday.

The Puz 3-D puzzles are made of heavy duty foam and are quite a challenge to put together. I love the detail on Big Ben!


To give you a little better perspective here are the boys side by side with Big Ben! (excuse Kaden’s cranky face he was being non-cooperative!)


I believe that this is the tallest puzzle we own. We do have New York City that we found at the thrift store. Which I think is longer in length. We were so lucky to happen upon the New York City puzzle several years ago. We jumped at the chance to buy it when we found it! Justin had been wanting it for sometime but I was not paying upwards of $300 for it! We found it for $40. He paid half and I paid half. It is still one of his most prized possessions. I think Big Ben comes in at a close second!

We have been very fortunate that just about all of the 3-D puzzles he owns were purchased from the thrift store. You do take a chance of pieces being missing but we have been lucky so far!


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