Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Easter Plans


{you can find the names of Jesus garland tutorial (pictured above) at The Homespun Heart. I made ours several years ago and we get it out every Easter}

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I am planning some fun and meaningful activities for the boys this week and I thought I would share them with you.


Tonight when Larry gets home we will be observing Passover. If you are not aware Passover began at sundown last night and ends at sundown tonight. My plan was to do this yesterday but I had a church meeting last night so we are observing today. 

I found a great lesson over at Future.Flying.Saucers that I plan on using. I picked everything up the other day while I was out shopping that we will need for the lesson. I I had a difficult time finding a lamb bone. We checked several stores before I found one.

Justin and I recently had a discussion about incorporating more Jewish tradition into our Christian faith. I was so glad he brought this up as it has been on my heart for a while now to incorporate them. So we decided that this year we would begin.

If you are looking for Passover resources Scripture Adventures currently has their ebook A Passover Celebration for Christian Families available as a FREE download.

I plan on using this Rooster and Coin activity that I found at Almost Unschoolers. Instead of using chocolate covered silver coins. I will be using silver change that I already have on hand.

Kaden is going to making this Easter story wreath and Justin will be creating this Last Supper craft. 

If time permits I would like to do one of these cross activities. Stained Glass Easter Cross or this Easter Sun Catcher craft. I especially like this Paid on the Cross craft. Instead of paper mache boxes I have a few wooden crosses on hand.



We will be reading our Easter books and I picked up two Passover books to read as well as a new Easter book from the library that are new to us this year!

The Story of Passover by Norma Simon

The Longest Night by Laurel Snyder

At Jerusalem’s Gate: Poems for Easter by Nikki Grimes

I am also pulling out our What’s in the Bible Volume 2 Let my People Go! About the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. (I love these DVD’s. I have learned as much from them as the kids)

We also plan on watching The Ten Commandments that is airing on Saturday evening. (check your local listings)

In addition we will be reading both the Passover and Easter stories from the Bible. Our church holds a Maundy Thursday service that we will be attending as well. And of course we will be attending Sunday school and church on Resurrection Sunday!

If you are looking for some additional Easter ideas I have a Pinterest board of Easter ideas!

I also have a post up over at Home & School Mosaics about a few of our other Easter Traditions & Resources we will be using and have used in the past!

How to you celebrate Easter in your home? Do you incorporate any Jewish traditions into your celebration?