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Star Chronicles: A Bible-Based Study of the Stars {review}



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We are an astronomy loving family. It all started with Justin who around age 2  fell in love with astronomy when I purchased him a Baby Galileo DVD. Something clicked in his little brain and the rest as they say….is history!

When the opportunity to review Star Chronicles: A Bible-Based Study of the Stars by Dawnita Fogleman presented itself, I knew I wanted to participate. Justin is now almost 13 and still loves astronomy. We own over 100 books on planets and stars and astronomy and several documentaries. There is just something about the beautiful night sky that draws him!

Out of all of our books though only a few (I can probably count less than five) are from a Biblical perspective. Most are evolution based or the scientists who wrote them are evolution scientists.


Star Chronicles is based on Biblical teachings. You will not find any astrology or horoscopes within this study. We are not at all into astrology in our family and have little interested it.

What will you find in this study? Historical and Biblical information about the 12 major constellations.

  • Virgin & Bride (Virgo)
  • Justice & Balance (Libra)
  • Sting of Death (Scorpio)
  • Archer (Sagittarius)
  • Goat (Capricorn)
  • Water Bearer (Aquarius)
  • Fish (Pisces)
  • The Lamb (Aries)
  • A Bull (Taurus)
  • Twins (Gemini)
  • Resurrection (Cancer)
  • Lion (Leo)

Star Chronicles is a self contained study. Everything you need is right in the book. It is very helpful to have a Bible and Dawnita does have a list of suggested items you can use to enhance your study. Scrapbook, stickers, scrapbooking paper and other scrapbooking supplies to name a few. 

You can view a free sample of Star Chronicles here.

However you don’t really have to purchase another thing. There are coloring pages for younger children as well as lapbook and notebooking pages for older children  also included. In addition there are full color star charts for each constellation.  If you have a printer and some ink you are ready to go!

At the end of the book you will find  a list of additional books suggested to go along with the study.

I opted not to print anything except the notebooking pages for Justin, coloring pages for Kaden and the full color star charts. I just love those star charts!

Each  lesson points back to the Bible and how it is related. The first constellation is Virgin & Bride (Virgo) and points to the Old Testament prophecy of the Virgin Mary and also points to the New Testament prophecy of the Bride of Christ (the church).

In addition to the major constellations some of the smaller constellations are also explained through Biblical teaching.

We found this extremely interesting and are taking our time working our way through each constellation.

I am very excited to continue to work through this wonderful study, it is a great addition to our Bible studies and a fantastic way to study the stars!


Star Chronicles is available in both print and PDF format.  Currently you can save 25% by using the above code!

You can find the print version on Amazon for $22.12 (you can also take a look inside) and the PDF can be found here for $12.00

 About the Author

Dawnita Fogleman is a fifth generation Oklahoma Panhandle Pioneer. She and her husband, Paul, have six amazing children. They have homeschooled from the start and now have two graduated and starting their own businesses. With the family business and their little farm every day is a surprise. Dawnita blogs about life on the “funny farm” at

Star Chronicles:  A Bible-Based Study of the Stars


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