Saturday, May 17, 2014

Frugal Garden Colander


Each year we have a garden. Being a one income family it is important that we do things as frugal as we can and use the resources we have available or look for an alternative or a way to create something ourselves.

I came across this garden colander and thought how nice it would be to use in our garden. I thought that the $15 price tag was a bit high for a bucket and a basket.

One day I was at Dollar Tree and I came across these two items. A bucket and a slightly smaller basket!

garden colander2


Just what I needed to create my own garden colander and for only $2! Now I admit that my dollar store purchase may not hold up as long as the more pricey one, but for $2 I decided it was worth a try!

So far I have used it several times to cut asparagus and it has held up nicely. It will get a real work out once our garden starts producing!



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