Monday, January 19, 2015

Homeschool Planet-{Home & School Mosaics Review}


When I was given the opportunity through Home & School Mosaics to review Homeschool Planet online Calendar/Planner created by The Homeschool Buyers Co-op I was very excited! I love The Homeschool Buyers Co-op and have gotten several great deals from them and thought this would be something that would help me get organized!

I have tried various planners in the past and one problem I personally have had is getting everything coordinated onto one calendar. Perhaps this is a problem you have as well.

It seems we all have busy schedules these days whether we work outside the home, are work-at-home moms or stay-at-home moms, our lives tend to get busy!  Trying to keep everything on the calendar and keep up with everyone’s schedule can be a challenge!

In our home we homeschool, serve on several committees in our church, attend a weekly Bible study. I am also the President of our local fire company auxiliary and serve as secretary of our homeschool support group. So having a place where I can list all of our activities and the boys school assignments in one place was something that certainly appealed to me!

I found that Homeschool Planet is very user friendly! Within minutes of logging in I had our calendar, schedule and school assignments up and running! This is not just a planner but a calendar and schedule all in one. And it is all online! It does not matter which operating system you use. You can access it with your laptop, tablet or smart phone!  If you prefer using a paper calendar or planner no worries you have the option to print it out as well!

I really love the features of this online planner! You can add anything you can think of that you would want on a calendar, birthdays, important activities, meetings and events as well as your children’s assignments! I love that I can color code so each of us has our own color and can easily see at a glance who is doing what!

I also love that it can be set up for my children have separate login information and to receive emails about their assignments! My oldest just got his first computer and it is going to be so handy to email his assignments to him. Using this planner will also teach him time management. Something he is going to need in the coming years.

You have the opportunity to have different views. You can have calendar view or planner view.

There are so many other features at your finger tips.

  • text messages-you have to option utilize text messaging if you would rather not use email.
  • Keep track of days and hours schooled
  • easily access grades and transcripts
  • Widgets! There are some awesome widgets included with this planner-Bible verse, weather, daily quote
  • The ability to look at the planner for the entire family or just one person. I love this feature!
  • to-do lists. You can create to-do lists for each person in your family!
  • Shopping list-I always have an ongoing shopping list and this helps me keep everything in ONE place!


Above is just a small sample of our planner!

I really love this online planner! There are helpful tutorials that walk you though setting your planner up!

Currently you can get a 30 day FREE trial of Homeschool Planet! If you decide to continue your subscription, your cost is only $6.95 per month or $65.00 for the entire year!




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