Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Celebrating Thankfulness. Waiting on Christmas.


So this has been in my mind. Listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies before Thanksgiving. Before anyone gets defensive hear me out. I have seen various friends online posting how they are listening to Christmas music and watching a Christmas movie well before Thanksgiving. Just today a friend of mine mentioned it and I replied in a kind in joking way, I hope. I poked fun at my own rules about not watching Christmas movies before Thanksgiving.

In our house, even way before the boys were even thought of Larry and I never listened to Christmas music or watched a movie until Thanksgiving night. After we come home from being with family, sharing a meal and enjoying the day, we were always excited to watch our first Christmas movie of the season-usually National Lampoon's Christmas vacation. I still keep that tradition and I admit that last year I wanted to change that tradition and watch a Christmas movie well before Christmas. My boys were having none of that. I was breaking the rules!

You see I believe there is that wonderful feeling of anticipation, you know like getting ready to go on that special date or do something you have been really been looking forward to doing. In our area our local Hobby Lobby has had a full section of Christmas decor out since the beginning of August! I readily admit that I bought a Christmas tree back in August. I have been wanting a pencil tree for many years and they were on sale and I bought one. I knew that they would be difficult to find once November rolled around.

In early October I read an article that basically stated that those who were complaining about Christmas decor being out earlier and earlier were missing the big picture. By decorating early and pulling out the Christmas music and movies earlier gave us Christians that much more time to spread the word about Jesus. Point taken. But are we? Spreading the word about Jesus I mean? Or are we just pushing for things to be earlier and earlier. I sometimes wonder.

You are free to decorate your house inside and out, listen to Christmas music and watch your favorite Christmas movies well before Christmas. Who am I to say you shouldn't. But I have to wonder whatever happened to savoring the holiday that is before us? Thanksgiving? I know that putting up your Christmas decorations does not mean you are not thankful, I get that. I just wonder if we aren't loosing something in pushing ahead so quickly to the next holiday.

I love Christmas music and I want to watch every Christmas movie I own (more than once!) and I own a lot of them! But I also want to stop and appreciate being thankful without the distraction of another holiday mixed in the to the current one.  Yes I said it. Christmas decorations are a distraction.  Just so you know I love Christmas decorations too! I am not convinced that all the décor of Christmas is really sharing Jesus.   Remembering why I am thankful and thanking the Lord for all I have been blessed with is. Showing thankfulness to others shares Jesus with those around me.  I have had a lot happen to me in the last year and my losses are not exclusive just to me. I know many people who have had losses as hard as mine. Some may be harder. I don’t know, I am only walking in my shoes.

Maybe it is that I am getting older. I just told the boys today that the coming Christmas season feels very different. It’s not just because Larry is not here. There is something different. Or maybe I feel different. Maybe it is only me who feels this way. Time seems to be going at light speed and one day seems to blur into the next.  Our local radio station was saying this evening while I was fixing dinner that Black Friday is going to be a thing of the past. Black Friday or whatever they were calling it is starting this weekend through the end of November. It just makes me wonder if we are on the right track. I feel we are not. For Christmas this year the boys and I have decided to do something different. To keep it very simple. But that is another post for another day.  I want to focus on being Thankful. 

Christmas is coming. I want to anticipate it and prepare my heart.  I don’t want to blend it in with Thanksgiving. I want to savor this feeling of thankfulness, embrace it, enjoy it. Share with others what my Heavenly Father has done for me. Has given me. My life, my two loves, my family, my friends. 

You can put up your Christmas décor, I won’t try stop you or try to convince you that you should not. But for me, I want to wait,  to look forward with anticipation to that time that will come shortly, the greatest birth ever celebrated. For today though I am focusing on what Thanksgiving truly means. Listening to beautiful worship songs of Thanksgiving, using this 30 day scripture writing plan and just being thankful.

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